About Us

After being an Aegis Fire Controlman in the Navy, Helicopter Flight Instructor, Tour Pilot in the Grand Canyon, an EMS Pilot, and a U.S. contractor flying troops and cargo in Afghanistan, the founder of Prescott Coffee decided that he might need a safer line of work. So he started looking at what he could do that would satisfy wanting to be part of something bigger, and something that would be challenging, and have the camaraderie that he was familiar with in the Navy. So he created Prescott Coffee. Find out more about us by joining our instagram and newsletter.

Prescott Coffee Company is a small-batch, veteran-owned coffee company. We import our high-quality coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia. The Coffee is sorted, roasted, and shipped directly to you. Our premium small-batch coffee is available whole bean, coarse, drip, and espresso ground.